Hey, look, it’s 2018! A new year, full of hope and promise. The time of year when many of us set new goals and try to live up to our resolutions. I feel like every other article floating around the interwebs over the past few weeks has been focused around the “New Year”, New You” mentality. “How to have your Best Year Yet!”, etc etc.

I for one am definitely guilty in the past of falling short of the lofty resolutions I set for myself come January 1st. This year, while I have a resolution or two in mind, I gravitated towards a couple of articles I read centered around a one word “theme” for the year. A word that sets the tone for you personally on what you’d like your year to be, or what you’d like to work on. Things like focus, or strength, or renewal. I thought a little bit about what I would want my word to be, then settled on one that I think sums up what I want for myself this year: forward.

At first, I thought forward might be a little too generic, too broad in scope. But that’s actually what draws me back to that theme in the first place. In 2018, I plan to look forward, not back. To look forward with positive, expectant energy (no pun intended), and not with fear or worry about what lies ahead. To make forward progress both personally and professionally, no matter how small. And to not let the unexpected hold me back from taking a leap of faith.

And how fitting that today is the first day of my cycle, the cycle in which I will finally, actually, just maybe get pregnant. The start of my cycle last night caught me off guard – coming a few days early, it threw me for a loop. I hadn’t realized that I would experience a nervous energy, buzzing with just a little anxious excitement. It’s here! After all this waiting. There are no guarantees in this world, but my doctor has given me an 85% chance of getting pregnant after our first transfer at the end of the month. And so, I wait just a little bit longer, and look forward, with hope.

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