Hi there

Hi! If you’ve landed on my blog, you might already know me, but if not, here’s a quick intro.

My name is Stefanie, I’m 32, and I live in sunny Orange County with my hubby and three furbabies – two cats that hate my dog’s guts, but we’re working on that.

Me and the hubs. Yep, we always look that dapper.

I work from home in the education field and love to go to hot yoga (a TTC no-no, of course), eat sushi (another one on the off limits while TTC list), drink craft beer (yep, you guessed it) and read (I think I can do that while TTC? Phew.) I also really want to make a baby. Like, a lot.

This blog will focus on some of all of the above, but mostly the last bit about making a baby – or lack thereof. The trials and tribulations of TTC-land, unexplained infertility, and all that comes with it, from my perspective. Thanks for visiting!

Georgia, our 3yo “forever puppy”, the happiest dog alive and the bane of our cats’ existence.
Gracie and Theodore. They like each other, but only when they’re sleeping. Preferably on our laundry.